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Stock Building

Rifle Acurazing

This was during the barrel breaking stages, customizing a perfect powder load

The action is base in a pre 64 Winchester 70 with a 30 inches long Krieger barrel.

This combination of parts with the expertise on the assembly produce a very accurate gun

The group on this photo was 0.236 inches at 100 yards with Lapua Brass, Reloader 19 and Berger Tactical 250 Grain Hybrid Open tip Match

But the best consistent load was achieve with H1000 at less than 1/4 inch. Ed tells me this rifle feels like a 30 06.

in my opinion this is impressive for an unfinished product.

Ed(the guy in the photo) is working on the Stock finishing to make it look good but by no means this rifle will get done until we found an owner.

Then and only then it will be custom fitted.

Our new project is a 338 Lapua magnum. So far the rifle is on the raw but showing promise at 100 yards

With over 45 year of experience building extremely accurate firearms, we're dedicated to making sure that your gun will be more than capable to reach your target. 

We combine the new technology with the old proven methods